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One character little commander in Magic Chess which is widely used by MLBB players is commander MagicChess Ria. In this article we will share a guide/reference that you can use to strengthen decks you.

Starting from the profile, skills owned, to tips and tricks in using commander Magic Chess Ria. You can find all of that in the following article. Let’s keep watching until it’s finished!

Full Profile Commander Magic Chess Ria

magic chess rya
Source: Mobile Legends Wiki

Little commander Rya has been present in games Magic Chess since July 23, 2021especially in Patch 1.5.96 which also marked its arrival heroes new inside games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang namely Nathan.

In terms of profile, little commander Rya Magic Chess is described as a beautiful petite woman who is actually a kind hybrid of the Elves and the Elves.

Although in depiction it looks like a combination of nations Elf and the Elves, but actually characters little commander This Rya is more closely portrayed as a little girl from the nation of flower fairies (flower fairy) and classified as nature spirit.

This character of Rya is known to endow (blessings) throughout heroes Magic Chess used by players. kindly default, skins from commander Rya Magic Chess will be displayed with 2 kinds of power flowers which have yellow and purple colors around them.

Skins Riya Magic Chess

Currently character commander Magic Chess Rya comes with 4 choices skins which players can use. Skins default of the character Little Commander Rya in Magic Chess this is Sleeping Buds.

Source: Mobile Legends Wiki

Skins sleeping buds it describes the character commander Rya in Magic Chess as a flower fairy with a purple dress and hair. On skins sleeping buds this too commander Rya appears to be surrounded by 2 kinds of power flowers which have yellow and purple colors.

Skins both owned by commander This Magic Chess is skins Daffodil Rya. For skin Daffodil Currently, the character of Rya Magic Chess is still described as a flower fairy but has a floral feel Daffodils that is presented in Rya’s visuals makes it even more kawaii.

On skins three named Gamer Ria Currently, the figure of Rya Magic Chess is described as a girl kawaii who wears gaming set gear complete from headsets Distinctive pink RGB, shirt kawaii blue, and don’t forget the red hair band typical of the Hello Kitty character in Sanrio.

Additionally, on Gamer Ria the character Little Commander Rya in Magic Chess is also accompanied by two orb which on skins it is red and green.

Final, skin commander Rya Magic Chess that can be used is skins Springtime Blush which presents Rya as a typical Japanese petite girl complete with a pink spring kimono dress typical of cherry blossoms and a pink headband.

Skill Commander Riya Magic Chess

Such a wide variety of characters commander others in Magic Chess, little commander Ria also has 3 skills which players can use while inside games. Third skills owned by Rya in Magic Chess consists of: Petal Stars, Star Fall and Budding Blossom.

Skill 1 Little Commander Riya Magic Chess – Petal Stars

By using skill 1 Petal Star his, commander Rya in Magic Chess can create twins or duplicates heroes which has been given effect blessings.

Use skills this will be easy to make heroes which has been given effect blessings Becomes heroes with three stars. Use skills it has time cooldown for 3 rounds, which is where this matters skills duplicate or create twins heroes This can be used by players every 3 rounds.

Skill 2 Little Commander Riya Magic Chess – Starfall

Use skills these two Little Commander Rya in Magic Chess can have an effect stun on opposing heroes which has been given effect blessings since the game started.

Skill 3 Little Commander Riya Magic Chess – Budding Blossom

Skills 3 from Rya Magic Chess this is skills the most useful and most used by players. Use skills 3 Budding Blossom this will give effect blessings randomly to each heroes used by the players without the need to wait heroes it becomes heroes with two stars.

Although skills These 3 have phases delayed 14 rounds once, however skills this according to our personal judgment is indeed skills which is very overpowered and really determine the course of the game.

Tips for Using Commander MagicChess Ria

Little Commander Rya in Magic Chess is perfect to be combined with heroes meta Mage. With blessing skills to heroes the randoms it has, commander Rya is also very suitable for use heroes nation Cadia Riverlands.

When used, remember to keep focused with skills 1 and 3 from Ria. With the second combination skills the, Petal Stars as well as Budding Blossom so Meta Mage heroes or Cadia Riverlands that you use will quickly become heroes 3 star.

Besides that, skills 2 of Commander Rya is arguably the skills passive that you can use at any time to do stun to heroes opponent.

Pro Tips #1 Using Rya Magic Chess

order use skills 1 Rya is more optimal, when at the beginning games after getting blessings in one of Magic Chess heroes what you get (will be even more optimal if you are lucky heroes who get blessings is Cadia Riverlands) you should duplicate immediately blessings it’s in early game.

For skills 1 if you don’t get Cadia Riverlands heroes in early gamethen focus on searching heroes like Harith, Esmeralda, or the type Mage other.

Pro Tips #2 Using Rya Magic Chess

To use commander Magic Chess Rya is effective, you have to prepare quite a lot of money. For that in early game you can also focus on heroes Aldous. If you have collected enough money, sell it immediately heroes Your Aldous to focus on heroes others in particular Cadia Riverlands in phase Mid Game.

Pro Tips # 3 Using Rya Magic Chess

skills 2 of Commander Magic Chess Rya at a glance useless, but if you use skills 2 this at the right time, like for example if you are dealing with Therizla or are in a pinch, skills 2 this can give you extra time to think of a backup strategy in order to turn things around and even commit counter attacks on your opponent.

Pro Tips #4 Using Rya Magic Chess

If it is already stable on phase Mid Game, sell soon heroes sort of LaylaHarith, and Aldous that you used in early game. Instead you can focus on Wrestler heroes or Guardian heroes such as Grock, Gatot Kaca, and others for you to give blessings with commander skills This Magic Chess Ryu.

Pro Tips # 5 Using Rya Magic Chess

When using Rya, never give effect blessings haphazardly. Use effects blessings this is only for hero core yours, which one core heroes This needs different at each phase games, starting from early game until late game.