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One character little commander popular in the game Magic Chess which is now widely used is dubi. However, even so, there are still many who do not have it commander Magic Chess Dubi due to limitations Battle Points.

Well, for those of you who are still hesitant to buy commander Dubi Magic Chess, you can use this article as a reference. Starting from the background, skills which are owned little commander Dubi, you can find tips and tricks for using Dubi in this article.

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Commander Dubi Magic Chess background

Source: Mobile Legends Wiki

Figure little commander named Dubi is present in his Magic Chess games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang since November 12, 2021 then.

This Dubi Magic Chess character is described as Jolly Sprites which has a cat-like profile. There is no complete information about the background and history little commander Dubi in Magic Chess, but one thing we know, Dubi looks like a cat with his hands, feet and hair covered in leaves and eyes emitting some kind of electricity.

Little commander This dubi was predicted when it first appeared as commander that can be counters from one commander mainstay of the time, that is Tharz.

By using Dubi in Magic Chess, skills that it has can do spam stun to para heroes used by the opponent. Ability stun-its extraordinary this is what makes commander Dubi at Magic Chess being one commander the mainstay that replaces Tharz’s position as well as ending the dominance of using Tharz.

Skin Commander Magic Chess Dubai

Dubi Skin 1
Source: Mobile Legends Wiki

Currently character little commander Dubi in Magic Chess comes with two choices skins that can be used by Magic Chess players. Skins default of Dubi’s character in Magic Chess is jolly sprites which can be obtained at a price 24,000 battle points or 499 diamonds.

Next commander Dubi Magic Chess also has skins both named Rouge Whispers. Skins Rogue Whispers it brings deep Dubi skins the pink involved is more graceful in comparison skins the first one is more ferocious.

For skins You can get both of the Little Commander Dubi characters in Magic Chess for 269 diamonds.

Explanation Skill Commander Magic Chess Dubai

Like character little commander more in games Magic Chess, Dubi also has 3 skills which players can use while inside games. Third skills owned by Dubi in Magic Chess consists of: Dubi’s Gift, Summons Fluffyand Awaken! Dubi’s Wrath.

Here is an explanation.

Skill 1 Commander Dubi Magic Chess: Dubi’s Gift

As previously discussed, Little Commander Dubi in Magic Chess is made a mainstay because of his abilities stun it has. This is of course an advantage for the heroes that you use in order to give damage even more.

Now, skills 1 of Little Commander Dubi in Magic Chess will do this heroes what you have is given equipment specially named Fluffy’s Rage to be dropped by heroes every time it changes location.

After being dropped, fluffy’s rage this will give effect stun to heroes opponent in the same row and column with a duration of 1.5 seconds.

Skill 2 Commander Dubi Magic Chess: Summons Fluffy

skills these two from Dubi in Magic Chess make Dubi able to summon 2 fluffy into battle during preparation mode before the start of the match. Summoned Fluffy (summoning) by commander This dubi will explode after 2 seconds the match starts.

This explosion will hit all over heroes which are in the same column and row, where this explosion takes effect stun to heroes opponent who has been hit with a duration of 3 seconds.

In addition, Dubi can also summon 1 fluffy extra (so can summon up to 3 fluffy) which will give an explosive effect of up to 5-9 seconds depending on where fluffy this appears.

Skill 3 Commanders Dubi Magic Chess: Awaken! Dubi’s Wrath

skills 3 of Dubi Magic Chess, ie Awaken! Dubi’s Wrath is skills which can provide a unique effect because it canstun whole heroes in the same row and column as 5 seconds duration.

From skills these three too, when the sum of heroes which we summon have killed up to half of the total heroes owned, then commander The Dubi Magic Chess that we use will summon a large number fluffy to the field. fluffy this summoned one will appear in a random place on battlefield.

Just like two skills others have, the effect of fluffy this will cause an explosion that hits all over heroes same row and column. fluffy it will explode after 2 seconds, then give effect stun on heroes enemy in the same row and column for 5 seconds. Amount fluffy what will appear is half of the amount heroes deployed plus 1.

Tips and Tricks for Using Commander Dubi Magic Chess


As previously discussed, character little commander Dubi in Magic Chess has the main advantage in terms of effects stun which will be given.

Different from commander Rya in Magic Chess which has an effect stun-it’s more like a complement because it doesn’t last long and requires an effect blessings first; with commander This Magic Chess Dubi players can do spamming effect stun to heroes opponent.

So what is the strategy to take advantage of this advantage?

With the possibility to perform effects spamming effect stun to heroes opponent, commander Dubi Magic Chess is very suitable to be combined with a roster decks heroes as: Esmeralda, vale, Lancelot, Franco, Gatotkacha and Therizla.

Besides that combos the best is also obtained when using types heroes Los Pecados nor heroes type Wrestlers.

When at the start games, the use of Dubi in Magic Chess is highly recommended to be combined with heroes which has fast movement and change places frequently to optimize the amount fluffy from skills 1 which will be generated by heroes who change places.

Heroes the likes of Lancelot, Vale, and Esmeralda would be perfect for increasing numbers fluffy so you can do spamming stun to heroes opponent. Meanwhile, when you enter late game, Use combos Los Pecados or Wrestlerscan also Gunners especially if you are dealing with para Mage.