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For you players Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, especially likes very play mode magic chess, of course please you have to really consider who the character is Little Commander in Magic Chess games which you will use.

Same function as heroes, character Little Commander In Magic Chess, you also have a very important role in determining your victory.

For that, you have to be really careful when using it little commander your choices include having to understand the use of the combos of each skills which are owned.

So, in this article, we are back again Commander Magic Chess in-game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! In the previous article we have discussed a lot of various kinds of characters little commander in Magic Chess starting from Commander Ria, Commander Tharz, Commander Augustus, and the last one is there Commander Mavis too!

Basically, every commander Of course, each has its advantages and disadvantages, guys! For character little commander which this time we will discuss is little commander Magic Chess Brown ones skills really fierce especially when talking about equipment and use of crystals.

So for those who are curious to find out tips and tricks using combos commander Brown MagicChessyou can see the following article, OK!

Profile Commander MagicChess Brown

Source: Armadura Nerd

Little commander Brown is one of little commander which has been presented for a long time games MagicChess. Character commander This Brown has been present since January 31, 2021, it has been more than a year anyway actually. Character little commander Brown is present at the same time as the release update patch 1.5.44 by Moonton.

In terms of profile, commander Brown MagicChess He has the appearance of what is described as a brown, muscular bull character and carries his favorite artifact, which is a large hammer. Yes in appearance anyway character little commander Brown is still arguably has a resemblance to heroes Minotaur.

This Brown character in Magic Chess has a major advantage related to usage equipment. You could say that the problem items or crystal, little commander Brown is the best.

Also described, character little commander Brown is actually a blacksmith who is good at making and managing various kinds equipment. That’s why little commander Brown is nicknamed as Master Forger.

In this article, we will review the capabilities of commander Brown which can be considered quite meta because skill-its stable use with various synergies and combos whatever, so it’s pretty easy to use.

In addition, we also discuss tips and tricks that you can use when you choose commander Brown Magic Chess.

Oh yeah, same as little commander others, currently default character Commander Magic Chess Brown can be purchased at a price 24,000 battle points or it can also be purchased at a price of 499 diamonds.

Skill Commander Brown MagicChess

Like character commander MagicChess another, little commander this one also has 3 skills which players can use while inside games.

the difference, skills from commander Brown MagicChess it has a pretty stable capability, so little commander Browns are little commander the famous Meta because it can be used for various synergies.

In commander skills The actual Brown that you can actively use is only 1 skills, ie skills all three. Two skills others are skills passive which will really help you maintain victory even since early game.

So you don’t need to worry and be confused because little commander Brown is arguably going to guarantee your victory since early game and more sick when you enter late game.

Third skills owned (2 skills passive and 1 skills active) is skills that provide usage-related effects equipment which can really do counters to little commander Tharz, and little commander Kaboom.

Third skills from commander The Magic Chess Brown that you can use is Smith’s Scorn (passive), Blazing Hammer (passive), and the last is Reinforce (active). Check out our review of the three skills below, guys!

Skill 1 Commander Brown Magic Chess – Smith’s Scorn

Source: Mobile Legends Wikia

Skill 1 this is skills passive from Brown. On skills This 1 Brown will be eyeing heroes with the number equipment at most early game.

Of course, if the opponent already has a wide range equipment then this effect will make ability heroes what they have is decreasing.

Every time you start a game, then little commander Brown will automatically target and disarm equipment used by heroes enemy.

Because skills this is skills passive, you don’t have to worry about time cooldown so every time you start the game then little commander Brown will help you reduce the effects you have heroes enemy.

Now, skills 1 this will be very useful if you meet with heroes who rely on equipment such as weapons master or maybe assassins.

Skill 1 from little commander This Brown can also be used in various synergies, even though according to our recommendations it is a synergy that you can use it for skills 1 this is weapons master or cadia riverlands, can also Los Pecados or assassins considering they had just beenbuff lately.

Skill 2 Commander Brown Magic Chess – Blazing Hammer

Source: Mobile Legends Wikia

Use skills 2 from little commander Brown at the gym MagicChess it will be very helpful if already entered late game.

So, the effect of skills 2 commander This brown is automatically eliminated heroes the enemy that has the lowest HP on line up used.

The lower limit at the start of the match is 3%. This means when heroes the enemy has HP below 3% of the total HP he has, then he will be eliminated by little commander Brown uses his flagship artifact, Blazing Hammer.

Effect from skills 2 owned little commander This brown can be in stack up to 9 times if you successfully defend winning streak-your. In other words at its maximum limit, little commander Brown can even automatically eliminate heroes which has reached 21% of the total HP total.

Skill 3 Commanders Brown Magic Chess – Reinforce

Source: Mobile Legends Wikia

The only one little commander skills Brown which is skills active is skills these three. Effect from skills 3 Brown is strengthening equipment that you have to give effect 2 times compared equipment owned by the enemy.

To use skills you have to really take into account the synergy you use. Check out the full review on pro tips below this.

Pro Tips Use Commander MagicChess Brown

Pro Tips #1 Using Brown Magic Chess

Character little commander Browns are commander which Meta and stable use for any synergy. But keep in mind that you have to choose the best possible synergy from the start games.

although by overalls Brown can be used for any synergy, but our recommendation for the best synergy is Brown Swordsman, Cadia Riverlands, Weapon Master, Archer, and Los Pecados.

Pro Tips #2 Using Brown Magic Chess

Browns are counters natural from little commander Tharz, little commander Kaboom, and little commander dubi.

Nevertheless skills from Brown can still be-counters if the opponent understands his weakness. Weakness of skills 1 Brown for example lies in the election hyper carry heroes in a manner random, so that if the opponent deliberately uses heroes which is not that important for given amount equipment the same, then the effect of skills 1 Brown can be less effective because he failed to prevent hyper carry heroes which are actually.

Pro Tips #3 Using Brown Magic Chess

To use skills 3 be careful because you have to choose equipment which one do you really need for line up-your. If you focus on heroes who rely on physical attacks then you should also focus on equipment which increases ability heroes the.

Pro Tips #4 Using Brown Magic Chess

keep it up winning streak-you if you use commander Brown. Unlike some little commander else weak at early game but ferocious in late game, Browns are commander who depend on winning streak.

Brown has been pretty vicious at early game and it will get even more ferocious if you manage to keep the victory up to late game. For that keep winning ever since early game.

That’s a little review on how to use it commander MagicChess Brown. Make sure you already know the potential it has before deciding to buy commander very similar nobles Minotaur this one.