Profile of Commander Magic Chess Kaboom

Little commander is one element of the strategy that must be determined by each player even before starting the match. Every little commander each has its own unique characteristics and characteristics that can determine the course of the match.

Well but how here if for example Commander Magic Chess what we use turns out to be able to do summoning heroes special that can only appear when we use commander this?

Not to mention it turns out heroes called this can be directly auto kill heroes belonging to the opponent, not just 1 but 2 at a time, so this is really fierce. Just imagine if for example we could call 2 heroes this particular, means that in the match we can directly auto kill 4 heroes fight right?

Are you curious about who it is? commander that good? Well, in this article, a cute figure which we will discuss is Commander Magic Chess Kaboom.

Character little commander This adorable robot has proven to be a reliable tool because of its ability to summon heroes other cute like for example: Kashoom, Kapoom, and Katoom.

Each heroes cute, Kashoom, Kapoom, and Katoom have their own characteristics too!

In addition, recently also deep updates MagicChess is known that commander Kaboom MagicChess this also earn buff so it will taste better damage resulting from.

Alright, in this article we will review little commander Kaboom as well as tips for auto win which you can use. So you can see the following article, OK?

Profile Commander MagicChess Kaboom

Kaboom!  Wallpapers
Source: Facebook (ML Leaks_Mobile Legends)

Little commander Kaboom actually is little commander which has been around for a long time games MagicChess on application Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Kaboom was officially released on June 4, 2021, right after its release little commander saki.

Kaboom itself is actually similar to little commander Saki where both equally can summon special character certain.

The difference with Saki, this Kaboom will do summoning heroes robot that remains to be purchased from shop whereas Saki could be doing summoning interest that will go straight into the chess board.

As little commander others which are depictions of heroes certain, little commander This Kaboom has an appearance that is very close to the depiction Mobile Legends heroes Johnson. Just like Johnson, Kaboom is also a robot style transformers who also have skills crash collision.

Nickname of little commander This Kaboom is UltraGuardians with tagline flagship”Gen 6 defense pot Kaboom… Ready to deploy?which is very distinctive with his robotic voice.

Oh yeah, same as little commander others, currently default character little commander Magic Chess You can buy this Kaboom by paying a price of 24,000 battle points or can also be purchased at a price 499 diamonds.

Skill Commander Kaboom MagicChess

Profile of Commander Magic Chess Kaboom

As previously mentioned, skills main of little commander This Kaboom is summon special character in the form of robot troops that can be obtained for free at shop.

Kaboom also has three skills and all three have summoning and effect different too. From the third skills owned, little commander Kaboom is one of them little commander which is quite unique, just like Saki.

This is because Kaboom does not have skills active. aliases, third skills owned by Kaboom is skills passive. This means, third skills from Kaboom do not have time cool down so it can be used throughout the round as long as you can find the robot troops in shop.

Third skills from commander The Magic Chess Kaboom that you can use here are:

  • Go Kashoom! (passive),
  • Go Kapoom! (passive), and
  • Go Katoom! (passive).

Check out our review of the three skills below, yes guys!

Skill 1 Commander Kaboom MagicChessGo Kashoom!

This is the first Kaboom troop I have skills unique and quite troublesome! Kashoom is a Kaboom troop that is also a green quality automotive robot (equivalent to heroes 2 gold).

When you choose to use skills 1 from Kaboom, then you will get Kashoom on shop with high probability.

Kashoom has skills who can throw spinner towards the enemy and gives the effect of stun for 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds.

If you can collect Kashoom into several characters, of course effect stun that the opponent would suffer was extremely troublesome.

Skill 2 Commander Kaboom MagicChessGo Kapoom!

The second troop from Kaboom is a robot named Kapoom. If Kashoom had skills throw spinner towards the enemy and give effect stun, then Kapoom has skills in the form of a slashing blow to the enemy in front of him.

The resulting effect is quite large, namely 100/200/300 damage to several enemies in front of him. So this Kapoom has blue quality, which means equivalent to heroes for 3 gold in Shop. Kapoom is free to get on shop yes!

Skill 3 Commanders Kaboom MagicChessGo Katoom!

Here it is special character of the most troublesome Kaboom. Katoom is heroes what can you summon of purple quality, i.e. equivalent to heroes which has a price of 4 gold in shop.

Katoom has skills hit an opponent and it is certain that the opponent will immediately die after being hit. Katoom could just come up with a 5% chance in each shop. If you have 2 Katoom just in desk-mu, Katoom can make you kill heroes fight up to 4 heroes depending on the formation you and your opponent use.

Pro Tips Use Commander Magic Chess Kaboom

Profile of Commander Magic Chess Kaboom
Source: Facebook (Mobile Legends Official)

Pro Tips #1 Using Kaboom MagicChess

Whole skills You can buy Kaboom at shop for free. That said, you can’t meet Kashoom, Kapoom, or Katoom all the time. The smallest chance of Katoom appearing is 5%.

So, save it for that skills this and use it only when you have really set the strategy. Minimum use 2 special character this is because the effect is only felt when 2, if you only use 1 then the effect will not be too significant.

Pro Tips #2 Using Kaboom MagicChess

Special characters Those summoned by Kaboom have flexible synergy, in the sense that they can adjust to the various synergies that you have. This of course can be one of your complementary synergies.

Pro Tips #3 Using Kaboom MagicChess

In updates latest, as is buff to Los Pecadosyou can use Los Pecados to collaborate with Kaboom. Combination Gunner, Los Pecadosand Nature Spirits certainly can be very helpful.

Pro Tips #4 Using Kaboom MagicChess

Use Immortal items to complete heroes which in-summon. Guaranteed the effect will be extraordinary because it can issue effects more than once.

Pro Tips #5 Using Kaboom MagicChess

Have fun and don’t focus too much on collecting summoning heroes from Kaboom to forget to arrange synergies heroes your own in Line Up.

That’s a little review on how to use it commander MagicChess Kaboom. Make sure you already know the potential it has before deciding to buy commander this little robot huh!