Commander Connie magic chess

If commander austus is a great character for collect goldthen in this article you will be introduced to the figure Commander Magic Chess Connie who is good at speeding up the star.

Commander Connie’s is a recommendation fit for para players who has a style of play hyper carry by making heroes in line up they reach three stars.

Cute character Connie MagicChess it’s got a uniqueness to make hero-you become faster rising three stars with effects blessings special it has.

Curious how? Check out our review and get it too pro tips to be able to auto win in debut MagicChess We!

Profile Commander Magic Chess Connie

Little commander Connie is one of little commander which has long been presented in games MagicChess in application Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, roughly about a few months after MagicChess introduced.

At first, commander Connie MagicChess this enough to be overlooked (cool language in-underestimating), due to the effect of skills owned is not too pronounced when compared to some little commander that existed at that time, such as for example commander Abe, Mavis, or Remy.

Officially, character little commander Connie was released on October 30 2020 to be exact.

History records that Connie took the order little commander twelfth in the game MagicChess.

Not only that, after being considered as Commander Magic Chess the “less useful” Connie has also been through a few updates where it increases (buff) so now figure Commander Magic Chess Connie be reckoned by para players.

Character little commander this proves to be useful for effect blessings to some heroes which makes them reach the three-star level more quickly.

Thus, it can be concluded that Commander Magic Chess Connie’s used a lot of effects blessingsits for heroes that embraces synergy Assassin or Archers which have damage extraordinary.

In terms of profile, little commander Connie in Magic Chess has an appearance that is described as a cute sheep character with white fur and holding a golden shepherd’s staff.

Remember skill-its a very fast raise star of a heroes, no wonder the character little commander This Connie later earned the nickname star catcher or star catcher.

Oh yeah, same as little commander others, currently default character little commander Magic Chess You can buy this Connie by paying a price of 24,000 battle points or it can also be purchased at a price of 499 diamonds.

Skill Commander Connie Magic Chess

Such a wide variety of characters commander others in Magic Chess, little commander Connie also has 3 skills which players can use while inside games.

Overall, actually skills from little commander This Connie is quite flexible to use in any synergy, and not too complicated to learn. The point is, skills from Connie this will increase the star of heroes that you have, either through additional effects blessing, or when on shop or maybe when in fatebox.

Oh yes, third skills from Connie there is actually only 1 skills active, that is skills his first. Two skills others are skills passive which will really help you to increase stars on heroes what you have.

Third skills owned (2 skills passive and 1 skills active) is skills which gives blessings and you can use it to duplicate heroes so you can increase the star on heroes yours it.

Third skills from commander The Magic Chess Connie that you can use here are:

  1. Let’s Play! (active),
  2. I Want All of Them (passive), and the last is
  3. One More (passive).

Check out our review of the three skills below, yes guys!

Skill 1 Commander Connie MagicChessLet’s Play!

On skills active that is owned by this Connie, para players can use it before starting a match, to be precise when it is at the selection stage heroes.

When you squeeze skills this, Connie will give effect blessings in one heroes randomly and you will get one heroes with the same synergy as owned by heroes getting the effect blessings that was.

Skill 2 Commander Connie Magic Chess – I Want All of Them!

Well if skills 1 Connie was useful during the selection stage heroes at every start of starting the game, then skills 2 which is owned by Connie will be useful when in stage fatebox.

By using skills 2 of this Connie, you can pick one back heroes that’s left after all little commander choose fatebox each of them. Remember, skills this only applies to heroes.

Skill 3 Commanders Connie Magic Chess – One More!

Still the same as the second skills another thing that Connie has, skills third from Connie MagicChess this is useful when in shop. If you choose to use skills 3 of these Connie, when you buy heroes in shop, you will get 12% chance to get heroes it’s back on shop next.

This allows you to accumulate heroes that you have and immediately reach three stars.

Pro Tips Use Commander Connie

Pro Tips #1 Using Connie MagicChess

Connie is little commander which includes flexible enough to be used with a variety of synergy. So you can use commander Connie for various strategies and their effects remain unchanged.

But looking at the effects given by Connie, it will be more profitable if you focus on synergy with damage big ones, like for example swordsmen, assassins, or also archers.

Pro Tips #2 Using Connie MagicChess

Try it if you use skills 1 of this Connie, you should have 20 gold before skills 1 is active, so you can be more flexible in choosing heroes as well as to rotate the Shop. The most important thing you know heroes which one will you carry.

Pro Tips #3 Using Connie MagicChess

You can focus on using skills 2 from Connie if you want to get a bonus Lose Streaks and comeback in midgame.

Pro Tips #4 Using Connie MagicChess

Heroes such as Ling, Wan Wan, Alucard, Vale, Karina, and Therizla are heroes which is quite profitable if you carry. So you can focus on improving heroes here if you are confused. Or you can also use heroes who appear more often like for example Layla to speed up the ranks heroes your 3 stars.

That’s a little review on how to use it commander MagicChess Connie. Make sure you already know the potential it has before deciding to buy commander cute cute lamb this one huh!