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After several discussions commander others in Magic Chess, like for example Commander Riya Magic Chessuntil Tharzthis time we will review one little commander others that are rarely glanced at but in fact have special tricks that can make their users auto win streak if patient. None other than the cute figure discussed this time is commander Augustus Magic Chess.

Profile Commander Magic Chess Augustus

Little commander Austria is one little commander presented in games Magic Chess in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang since January 31, 2022.

Commander This August is one little commander which is rarely used by players considering the relatively new release. However, if you dig deeper, austus able to provide damage which is amazing and has the potential to make the cast Win Streak continuous if used properly.

In terms of profile, little commander This Austus Magic Chess is described as a kind of half owl knight that is thick with dark blue nuances. This fits with its nickname as shadow judgment or what if interpreted is a shadow judgment.

In character, character little commander This Augustus Magic Chess is reminiscent of animal figures hippogriff in Harry Potter, or maybe more similar to hedwigHagrid’s favorite owl figure in Harry Potter.

Formally, commander Augustus is character little commander the 20th presented in MagicChess.

In this article we will review why little commander Magic Chess Augustus can be little commander your choice that can make you experience win streak if you use it correctly.

As little commander others, currently default character little commander Magic Chess austus can be purchased at a price 24,000 battle points or it can also be purchased at a price of 499 diamonds.

skills Commander austus

Such a wide variety of characters commander others in Magic Chess, little commander Austria also has 3 skills which players can use while inside games.

The unique character of little commander austus in MagicChess it has three skills which has the potential to make para player Magic Chess can stack gold and win the Magic Chess game with spamming.

Third skills owned (1 skills passive and 2 skills active) is skills that gives effect blessings and earn items certain that will be very useful in the morning player Magic Chess, such as gold, mirror device, and even heroes.

Whole items can be obtained by para player Magic Chess for free random depending on the size shards that they get during the course of the game.

More and more shards then it will be stronger items which they will get in the Magic Chess game.

Third skills from commander The Magic Chess Augustus that you can use is Power of Shadows, Blade of Resonance, and the last is Forest Blessing. Check out our review of the three skills it below!

Skill 1 Commander austus Magic Chess – Power of Shadows

By using skill 1 Power of Shadows his, little commander This Augustus Magic Chess will get 1 piece shards after winning a stage.

Shard items What you get for each win can be collected. If you manage to collect 6 pieces shardsso player can get gold by 6 to 14 gold.

Actually skill 1 little commander This Augustus – Power of Shadows is skills active. It is different with variety commander previously owned skills passive as skills 1.

Use skills 1 This austus is going to be great to pile on gold and accelerate so you can buy immediately heroes in shop. Because of the accumulating effect gold, the most suitable synergy to use with skills 1 this is para heroes from Los Pecados.

Synergy combination Los Pecados with skills 1 of little commander austus in MagicChess this will make you have a lot gold so you can buy soon heroes strong that you need during the course of the game Magic Chess.

for phase early game, skills 1 Power of Shadow from Augustus is actually quite risky. Because you have to make sure you win 6 games before you can get it gold. For this reason, you can anticipate the weaknesses of skills This August 1st with the help of Los Pecados.

In addition, you can also overcome deficiencies skills 1 of this August by prioritizing synergy weapons master or archers at the beginning games. This will really help you save money early game but still able to maintain victory for the sake of pursuit gold stack do you want.

We will discuss this further in the section pro tips under. Stay tuned!

Skill 2 Commander Augustus Magic Chess – Blade of Resonance

Use skills 2 from little commander Austus in Magic Chess has a similar effect skills 1 Power of Shadows. But on skills 2 belongs to this austus, character little commander Magic Chess Augustus will get 1 shard items if player choose heroes with 2 stars.

If Austria has gotten 6 shards then he can get mirroring device that will do clone to heroes what you had at that time. It is certainly nice to get soon heroes with 3 stars on deck-your.

Skill 3 Commanders Augustus Magic Chess – Forest’s Blessing

By using skills 3 from this August, every time heroes belonging to the players killed, then Austus will gain shard items at random sizes. This effect is the most powerful effect that can make you perform comeback in midgame after sacrificing some heroes.

For this effect we recommend at the very beginning games take your pick heroes for the price of 1 or 2 gold which you can then sacrifice.

After getting more than 8 gold, Austria will get 1 heroes worth 5 golds star 1. If more than 20 gold then Austria will get 1 heroes for 5 gold with 2 star quality.

See also usage skills This August 3rd on review pro tips us below!

Pro Tips Use Commander MagicChess austus

Pro Tips #1 Using Augustus Magic Chess

Be patient when early game. You can be sure that around 60 to 80 percent of players will experience consecutive losses at early game if using Augustus in Magic Chess.

But don’t worry, focus on heroes Mage, Los Pecados, Weapon Master or Archer when early games. You are guaranteed not to be lacking gold if using Austrian. For that in early game immediately determine what synergies and combos you want to use while saving gold.

Pro Tips #2 Using Augustus Magic Chess

Synergy Weapon Master, Nature Spiritand Los Pecados is the best synergy you can use if you focus on skills 1 from August. This means after successfully collecting some weapons master or archers in early game then you should immediately switch to building heroes such synergy gold-you collect a lot.

But if you focus on skills 2 focus on mage with the same scheme as skills 1. Your biggest enemy if you use this scheme is Abyss or Venom.

Pro Tips #3 Using Augustus Magic Chess

Don’t panic right away if you lose at early game. The new Augustus will look fierce if it gets 2 or 3 times fatebox. So if you lose, actually it will be very reasonable if you use Austus.

You don’t need to worry either skills passive from Austus will give you compensation if you lose. The bottom line is to be patient and keep your cool early game.

Pro Tips #4 Using Augustus Magic Chess

The easiest synergy to use and anti-complicated when using Austus is Cadia Riverlands. If you do come midgame If you are still confused about what synergy you want to play with, then immediately switch to Cadia Riverlands.

Pro Tips # 5 Using Augustus Magic Chess

When entering phase midgame and late game, combo Augustus should have run quite optimally. Pursue victory in the phases midgame and late game if you use austus.

That’s a little review on how to use it commander MagicChess austus. Make sure you already know the potential it has before deciding to buy commander this cute owl.