commander contains magic chess

Back again we memdiscuss how to use little commander which exist in MagicChess effectively! Of course, you already know how important character selection is commander in MagicChess for can win game.

So in this article, we will review one of them Commander Magic Chess which is very suitable for use player who likes to rely on lifesteal!

Figure Commander Magic Chess this one just experienced buff so much player who want to feel the pleasure of using commander this. Who is the figure commander this one?

The answer is none other than Commander Magic Chess Bersi! Bersi is figure little commander which you can use to awaken heroes what you have. Plus there is updates who gave him buff, here we will review a way that you can try to use commander Bersi MagicChess along pro tips for auto win which you can use.

So you can see the following article, OK?

A little introduction about Commander Magic Chess

Each little commander in MagicChess Of course, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each character is definitely designed with their own playing style. That’s what the election is for little commander in the gym MagicChess actually it also depends on the playing style each one has players.

Suppose you are player MagicChess who really like to use various equipment, then you can use characters little commander Brown as your mainstay champion.

Or suppose you are player who really likes to collect gold to buy heroes when it goes games, of course you can very use little commander austus as your winner.

You can too if you like very do hyper carry one heroes certain inside games, then you can choose a character commander Tharz what will make you easy really do hyper carry even stronger than heroes three stars.

Well, that’s a little concept about roles little commander in a chessboard game Mobile Legends this.

Profile Commander MagicChess Bersi

Source: Mobile Legends Indonesia Facebook

Little commander Bersi is one of little commander which has long been presented in games MagicChess. Present in mid-December 2020, on December 15 2020 to be exact; Bersi is a character commander the thirteenth present at MagicChess.

His presence had caused a commotion player MagicChess because skills what it has is very unique, which can even make players get a second chance after really losing badly.

In terms of profile, little commander Bersi in MagicChess it has the appearance of being described as a maroon crow character with torn robes.

in appearance, little commander This version bears a resemblance to heroes Faramis from Mobile Legends. Although there are also rumors that say that Bersi is a crow that has accompanied Faramis everywhere.

Yes, by skills also similar to Faramis. Both of them have a mainstay skills the one that can awaken heroes who has diedso as if giving them a second chance to fight back in the game.

In this article, we will review the capabilities of little commander Bersi, especially post updates the last one to do, where with the right combination Bersi could be overpowered very!

But using Bersi is quite difficult, isn’t it? guys. So make sure you read this article to the end because pro tips what we share is at the end and you need to pay close attention skills owned first.

Oh yeah, same as Commander Magic Chess others, currently default Bersi character MagicChess can be purchased at a price 24,000 battle points or it can also be purchased at a price of 499 diamonds.

Skill Commander Bersi MagicChess

Such a wide variety of characters commander others in Magic Chess, little commander Bersi also has 3 skills which players can use while inside games.

For skills from Bersi cannot be used carelessly. Use skills Bersi is not focused on improving each other’s abilities heroes but more towards giving a second chance, so skills from Bersi can only be used when you are really pressed, so don’t be careless.

In commander skills The actual bersi that you can actively use is only 1 skills, ie skills both of them.

Two skills others are skills passive that will really help you, moreover skills all three passively will make you rise again with additional gold if you have completely lost.

So you really have to focus on developing heroes yours without help commanderbecause of the character Bersi MagicChess this will only be useful if you are really pressed and threatened with defeat.

Third skills owned (2 skills passive and 1 skills active) is skills which gives blessings and you can use it to awaken heroes or even awaken little commander yours if he’s dead.

Third skills from commander The Magic Chess Bersi that you can use here are: Bersi’s Blessing (passive), Back from the Dead (active), and the last is Bersi’s Obsession (passive).

Skill 1 Commander Bersi MagicChessBersi’s Blessing

Source: Mobile Legends Fandom Wikia

Passive effect of skills 1 commander Bersi is giving blessings to each heroes at the start of each game. If any of the given blessings die, then he will rise again.

So for that, you have to focus on giving blessings on heroes which can really determine your victory at the end of the game. skills 1 of this Bersi do not have cooldown yeah!

Skill 2 Commander Bersi MagicChessBack from the Dead

Source: Mobile Legends Fandom Wikia

This here are skills from little commander Sufficient amount overpowered. By using skills These 2, you can resurrect all heroes who have earned blessings.

But you have to be really on time to activate skills this. Because when you’re just a little late, then you might heroes yours is not resurrected or it may be resurrected but not completely.

Skill 3 Commanders Bersi MagicChessBersi’s Obsession

Source: Mobile Legends Fandom Wikia

Well in skills 3 of this Bersi, if Bersi dies then he will be resurrected in the next round with an additional 1 HP and 5 gold which of course will help you a lot.

Bersi character MagicChess indeed little commander which has a fairly thin HP, but with skills 3-the thing is that if you suffer a crushing defeat you can still avenge your enemy as long as heroes and line up what you are using is correct!

Pro Tips Use Commander MagicChess Bersi

Pro Tips #1 Using Bersi MagicChess

As is updates latest related to little commander Bersi and some heroes especially synergy Nature Spirits, we found that the combination between Bersi and Nature Spirits enough overpowered guys!

So we recommend using synergy Nature Spirits even from the start of the game. Focus on collecting heroes Nature Spirits as fast as possible from the start of the match to immediately activate the evolution from Nature Spirits.

Pro Tips #2 Using Bersi MagicChess

Choose evolution Unity to strengthen synergy Nature Spirits what you have. It will create heroes the ones you have are thicker and more invincible.

Pro Tips #3 Using Bersi MagicChess

Focus on improving two aspects for Nature Spirit hero-your. First is lifesteal. Jso you can focus on improving physical damage and maintain HP from heroes what you have. The second is shields which you can get from Immortal or suppose a crystal Astro other.

Pro Tips #4 Using Bersi MagicChess

use it skills 2 Cleans very on time. Your brain has to stay focused so that all heroes in line up active yours can rise again. Because skills 2 of these have cooldown time 3 rounds, so if you use the wrong skills 2 from Bersi, you will experience a very big loss, right? guys.

Pro Tips #5 Using Bersi MagicChess

If you are already using lineup heroes Nature Spiritsthen you can do hyper carry on heroes Roger.

After that enter Mid Game You can focus on developing synergy swordsmen, archers, or gunner to work with Nature Spirits.

Our recommendation if you have entered late game is: 6 Nature Spiritsand 4 Glower. Line up this of course it will be very helpful to win the game.

That’s a little review on how to use it commander MagicChess Bersi. Make sure you already know the potential it has before deciding to buy commander a death generator that is very similar to heroes MLBB Faramis, yes!