Rapidoot turned out to choose to go down and play at MDL ONIC Arsenals.

ONIC PH is one of the highly reckoned teams for MPL PH S11. After appearing extraordinary in season 10 with their new full roster which is 80 percent MPL debutants, they are believed to stand out even more for the new season.

In the new season, there are only two changes, namely the presence of Pancake as a new roamer option besides Kekedoot, and the loss of Rapidoot.

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This was once questioned, knowing that Rapidoot was the captain and roamer that ONIC PH really relied on last season. The player who has a cooking background is even predicted to be one of the best roamers in MPL PH S10.

Until finally a new announcement appeared. Rapidoot it turned out to be relegated to ONIC Arsenals namely their MDL PH team. Something that doesn’t make sense because the best players shouldn’t be playing in the second league.

This player also changed his nickname to Dudut for MDL PH S1 which will start soon.

Then what is the reason for the player whose real name is Ralph Adrales to join the MDL and not play in the MPL for a while?

The former captain of ONIC PH wants to continue his studies

ONIC openly disclosed the reason for Rapidoot’s descent into MDL. The player admits that being busy in MPL is the main reason for the player choosing to drop caste.

“Time constraints in the MPL are the main problem, knowing that the tournament is held offline and requires far more preparation,” ONIC wrote in the ONIC Arsenal post comments column.

Source: ONIC PH

“Unlike at MDL, everything is held online so Dudut has the flexibility to do two things, namely esports and continue his studies at the same time.”

“Don’t worry, you will see him return to MPL later. Keep supporting ONIC Dudut,” they explained.

Without Dudut, will ONIC PH have a hard time?

Big PR comes for ONIC PH at MPL PH S11 as Dudut chooses to step down from MDL. Kekedoot as the main option now cannot provide maximum performance, at least that was seen in the MPLI and SIBOL SEA Games 2023 qualifiers some time ago.

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Kekedoot must try harder, because of the level of Rapidoot which was extraordinary last season. His initiation skills are truly extraordinary, even for Rapidoot, ONIC PH quite often makes Chou the first pick.

If Kekedoot can’t adjust, don’t be surprised if Pancake ends up playing as a roamer in the new season.

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