Bigetron Era’s might was not spared from BTR Cinny’s great performance!

BTR Cinny was named MVP Grand Final (FMVP) MWI 2023.

Midlaner Bigetron Era, Cindy “Cinny” Siswanto won the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title in the Grand Final of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Women Invitational (MWI) 2023, which was held at Summarecon Mall Bekasi, West Java, Sunday (12/2).

Together with his team, he managed to wipe out all opponents from the group stage to the final against GPX Basreng with a landslide 3-0 result.

Bigetron Era’s victory certainly cannot be separated from the influence of BTR Cinny’s play which is so crazy and aggressive.

Bigetron Era, MWI 2023, MLBB, Mobile Legends
Credit: Cinny

With a variety of flagship heroes, the ability to master each battle is one of the benchmarks for assessing BTR Cinny to be crowned FMVP.

Savage BTR Cinny completes Bigetron Era’s victory at MWI 2023

Credit: Cinny

Various heroes were used by BTR Cinny throughout the MWI 2023 Grand Final, starting from Lunox, Kadita, to Julian in facing RISK Velkhana to GPX.

Everything is so good, Cinny’s BTR game is very stunning with all the selected heroes that he certainly masters.

Not only did he perform brilliantly with the heroes of his choice, Cinny also managed to generate various momentums, one of which was the savage moment in the 3rd match.

This moment completes the sweetness of the 21st title for Bigetron Era and Michelle’s younger sister.”CHELLL” Siswanto is truly one of the most brilliant players.

Credit: FINNER

With his brilliant performance, Cinny scored a KDA of 11/1/3 with a kill participation of 87.5% proving his extraordinary contribution.

I don’t know who can stop Bigetron Era’s progress as Cinny continues to show extraordinary performance since she last defended Luna Nera.

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