Yawi’s actions became the main focus in the defeat of Blacklist International.

The MPL PH S11 opening match was immediately marked by a heated match between the two best Filipino teams, Blacklist International and ECHO. This duel is also a rematch of the last M4 World Championship grand final.

Blacklist International comes to the tournament with three new ammunition, following the legacy of OHEB, Edward, and Hadji.

Unfortunately Renejay, SuperRed, and Yus failed to win in their first match. The world champion squad came out victorious again in a heated rematch of prestige.

Yawi immersed the Blacklist on the opening day of the MPL PH S11 duel

Yawi immersed the Blacklist on the opening day of the MPL PH S11 duel
Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

Yawi once again showed that he deserves to be called one of the best roamers in the world when he destroyed the Blacklist’s line of defense.

The MPL PH S11 opening match really became the stage for the show with impressive acts using Atlas and Valir.

A stunning moment can be a full picture of what happened in the match. Take a look at Yawi’s action in catching four players at once and giving the opening of a sweet team fight for his team.

In the next game, Yawi is no less impressive even though he uses a mage hero. Ending the game with KDA 0/2/17, he was almost involved in all the kills that ECHO got in that game.

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