The All Filipino Finals fight that took place in M4 World Championships at the Tennis Indoor Stadium, Senayan, on Sunday (15/1/2023) presented an unusual result. Surprisingly, Blacklist International had to be battered and ECHO won the M4 after winning a landslide 4-0!

It was predicted that the meeting between the two teams from the Philippines would be fierce and would end with a narrow score. However, ECHO’s crazy performance in this match really succeeded in making the Blacklist powerless to win just one game.

Clashing with Mage goldlane, ECHO took over the first game

Mobile Legends, MLBB, ECHO, M4
Credit: ONE Esports

The first game of the M4 grand final began with an act of mutual respect for tires from both teams. Blacklist chose not to let go of Yawi’s mainstay heroes like Chou and Kaja, as well as ECHO which removed the handle of OHMYV33NUS like Estes and Diggie.

The blacklist who first chose Harith for OHEB in the gold lane in the first pick phase immediately made Bennyqt’s heroes a ban target. This made the player choose to use Lunox which resulted in a Mage gold lane battle.

The battle was fierce, especially because the two junglers played the Tank hero to make it more sustainable in team fights. The two teams were able to bring each other down, but Blacklist had the upper hand in terms of net worth early on.

However, the great game of the team with the Orca logo as a unit and individually made the difference in this match. Little by little they manage to take control of the game and make Blacklist depressed and unable to do much.

Even in the 12th minute, they managed to destroy all of Blacklist’s outer and inner turrets, while none of their own collapsed. This indirectly describes how dominant they are in this game.

Until finally, through pressure with the second Lord in the 14th minute, Blacklist was no longer able to dampen his opponent’s attack and had to give up with a kill score of 13-4.

Brody’s split push made ECHO leave Blacklist International even more

Mobile Legends, MLBB, ECHO, M4
Credit: ONE Esports

In the second game, the Mage gold lane was no longer used, with Bennyqt playing Brody and OHEB getting Beatrix. However, both of them still prioritize Tank Junglers.

Blacklist actually managed to get some comfortable heroes in this game. Apart from OHEB with Beatrix, there is also Lolita for OHMYV33NUS and Fredrinn for Wise.

However, ECHO, who also has a draft hero, is no less good and his extraordinary play in team fights makes him able to balance his opponent.

Both teams had a gold difference that was not far away until they entered the mid game. However, several team fight wins have made ECHO far ahead.

Mobile Legends, MLBB, Bennyqt, ECHO, M4
Credit: ONE Esports

In the 14th minute, disaster overtook Blacklist International. When they were all in to be able to get the second Lord, this was the cause of their defeat.

Lord was indeed obtained by Blacklist, but Bennyqt who played Brody managed to sneak in with several minions into the opponent’s base via the mid lane and ensured victory very easily with a kill score of 19-8.

ECHO presents a surprise Gusion mid, ECHO secures the third game

Credit: Moonton

In the third game, ECHO presented a surprise by picking Gusion for Sanji in the mid lane. This is the debut for the hero in M4, as well as successfully becoming one of the stars of his team’s victory.

Had trouble in the early game because he didn’t have the amount of farming needed, so Sanji’s Gusion couldn’t do much. But after he got some of the items needed, this assassin hero started going crazy.

Little by little, he succeeded in instant killing the heroes belonging to Blacklist International, until his last attempt slid into the opponent’s base to take down the remaining opponent’s hero, Karrie’s OHEB, although it failed to bear fruit.

Not only Gusion from Sanji, ECHO also succeeded in making things difficult for the Blacklist thanks to Lapu-Lapu’s great play from SanFord who also deserves to be called the star of the team’s victory.

The battle for the second Lord in the 13th minute was the end of this game. The fall of four Blacklist players meant that ECHO no longer needed to wait for God to help them ensure victory with a kill score of 23-9.

Without any surprise heroes, ECHO wins M4

Mobile Legends, MLBB, M4
Dhonazan Syahputra/ONE Esports

Entering the fourth game which was the decision for ECHO to win the M4 world title, they did not play any surprising heroes like in the third game. They managed to secure META heroes such as Gloo EXP lane and Fredrinn jungler.

On the other hand, Blacklist International has actually succeeded in having a draft hero that is fairly comfortable for its players. They got Barats, Diggie, Benedetta, Beatrix, and Yve. However, what happened in Lane of Dawn did not match the initial prediction.

Looking at the draft hero, Blacklist was favored to win. However, ECHO was able to control the game from the start and didn’t allow Blaclist to get neutral objectives like Turtle and Lord.

Since its inception, ECHO has succeeded in creating snowballing as well as an aggressive game while remaining disciplined in its decisions. This is also more or less the determinant of them winning the title.

In the team fight for the third Lord in the 16th minute, ECHO, who had a chance to get the neutral objective, surprisingly chose to abandon it in favor of chasing Edward’s Benedetta in the mid lane.

A split team fight ensued, but ECHO managed to gain the advantage after SanFord’s Gloo managed to take down OHEB’s Beatrix and immediately apply pressure to the opposing base.

With the unequal strength of the two teams, ECHO managed to take advantage of this by taking down Blacklist International heroes one by one, leaving only Hadji’s Yve to seal victory in the 17th minute with a kill score of 14-7.

Mobile Legends, MLBB, ECHO, M4 Champion
Credit: ONE Esports

This result was also the end of the competition in the grand final and ensured that ECHO won M4 and made Blacklist, who was the defending champion, have to be weak because they could not offer any resistance.

Besides succeeding in making Blacklist International fail to win back to back champions, this ECHO victory also made KarlTzy the only player to have won two M Series titles in history.

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