The Bigetron Era trophy cabinet adds a 21st collection with the MWI 2023 title.

The All Indonesian Final will be presented at the MLBB Woman’s Invitational 2023 (MWI 2023) when Bigetron Era and GPX Basreng meet in the top match.

Both of them came to the final duel after defeating the Philippines representative team, Bigetron Era toppled Risk Velkhana, and GPX Basreng brought back Omega Empress.

This is not the first time the two teams have met in a final match, GPX Basreng has often been the last hurdle for Era’s troops before winning the trophy. Unfortunately Funi cs has never been able to win the match.

Bigetron Era’s dominance continues

Bigetron Era
Credits: Woman Star League

As previously discussed, GPX Basreng often accompanies Era in the top matches, so far they have met 11 times as finalists.

Bigetron Era didn’t have much trouble when they secured their 21st trophy.

The first game is a total picture of how this match went, Era was able to beat his opponent quite easily. They only needed 11 minutes to close the game which ended with a score of 11-0.

The next game lasted much longer, but Era was again in full control of the duel. Savage from Cinny finally finished GPX’s resistance in the third game, thus ending the match with a landslide score of 3-0.

Behind the victory over GPX Basreng at MWI 2023, this is the achievement of back-to-back champions as well as the 14th title they have won in a row.

The last time Era felt defeat in a final match was at the end of 2021, when they failed to beat Alter Ego Nyx in the Woman Club Series Season 2 tournament.

Now the Bigetron Era trophy cabinet adds a 21st collection with the MWI 2023 title.

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