Bigetron Era: The Champion of the Southeast Asia Ladies Esports Tournament Mobile Legends Women's Invitational (MWI) 2023

Tournament ladies esports Mobile Legends Women’s Invitational (MWI) 2023 has officially ended. This event also presents a fierce match between two teams from Indonesia, namely Bigetron Era And GPX Basreng in the Finals. Bigetron Era also managed to come out as the winner of this global scale competition.

In event ladies esports themed Southeast Asia #HERetoProve it has a message that reflects each team’s determination to break the boundaries of gender within esports and showcase their talents at the regional level. This MWI tournament is the culmination of the athletes’ hard work and efforts over the past year to inspire a new generation gamers Woman.

Match grand finals has delivered 2 teams, namely Bigetron Era and GPX Basreng who have defeated the team from the Philippines namely Risk Velkhana And Smart Omega Empress in a fierce match.

Previously, in the group stage and playoffs has been ongoing on line on 6 to 8 February 2023 Then.

There are 10 teams in the preliminary round esports women from 7 countries namely: Smart Omega Empress, RISK VELKHANA, Grayback, Team HAQ, ZEG IRIS, Burmese Ghouls, Impunity Starlet, MDH, Bigetron Era, and GPX Basreng who competed for a total prize of USD 30,000.

Rangga Danu Prasetyo as Chief Organizer of MWI 2023 said, “First of all I congratulate the Bigetron Era team for winning the MWI 2023 tournament. We are very proud because Bigetron Era and GPX Basreng are representatives of the IESPL Women’s Championship which we held since last January.”

“The achievement of MWI 2023 is very proud and adds to Indonesia’s confidence in the industry esports homeland. After successfully gathering 10 teams from 7 different countries in the Southeast Asia region to compete in the tournament, we will also broadcast this tournament in five languages ​​and broadcast on various social media and platforms. stream others to promote the value of inclusivity.

We also really appreciate the presence of four other teams for their willingness to compete directly at Summarecon Mall Bekasi, including Risk Velkhana and Smart Omega Empress from the Philippines. After this tournament ends KINCIR will consistently realize our other vision, which is to advance the industry esports homeland by continuing to hold tournaments esports including special tournaments for women both on a national and international scale,” said Ranga.

Meanwhile Ray Ng as Head of Esports EcosystemMOONTON Games said, “MOONTON Games is proud to congratulate Bigetron Era for successfully coming out as MWI 2023 champion. After this tournament ends, MOONTON Games will continue to be committed to building a safe and comfortable ecosystem for female players to be able to compete and compete professionally.” he said.

Met after the final round of the 2023 MWI tournament, The winning team of MWI 2023 Bigetron Era represented by BTR Chell said that the 2023 MWI cup and all the tournaments they won came from results chemistry the strong one. Thanks to this, it’s no doubt that the name Bigetron Era is always on the winner’s podium.

“Some of the factors that make us strong in almost every tournament are one of them chemistry strong trust in one another. Because, when we are united and trust each other among the players, we are also very confident against anyone who meets us in the tournament, “said BTR Chell.

Appreciation for the ongoing MWI 2023 also came from the Indonesian Esports Executive Board (PB ESI). Liliana Sugiarto, General Treasurer of PB ESI said that under the leadership of General Chairperson Budi Gunawan and Deputy General Chairperson Bambang Sunarwibowo, PB ESI as the parent organization for sports esports in Indonesia has a big vision, among others, is to make Indonesia a major force esports in Asia and even the world, as well as making Indonesia a center or hubs esports world.

“PB ESI will continue to push for equality for all people, from women to people with special needs from various nations as presented in the MWI 2023 tournament, and it is one of PB ESI’s main commitments that will continue to be upheld in order to realize its big visions, said Liliana.