Opening the academy, Blacklist International is ready to start a new chapter in the competitive MLBB PH scene.

There is no need to doubt the quality of Blacklist International as one of the champions in the competitive MLBB scene, both in the Philippines and even the world scene.

Since entering the competitive MLBB PH scene, Blacklist International has now become an unexpected powerhouse. Containing the best Filipino players, the team under Tier One Entertainment can be said to be the most successful team in the current MLBB scene.

Some Blacklist International icons like OHMYV33NUS and Wise, or Hadji or their trainer BON CHAN, are all legendary figures.

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Armed with experienced players from their previous team, whether it’s ONIC PH or EVOS PH, their glory at Blacklist International is even more perfect.

However, welcoming the MDL PH S1, Blacklist International is trying to create new seeds in the competitive MLBB PH scene. They have officially created an academy team that will represent the Blacklist name at MDL PH S1.

“Blacklist Academy is a team of talented young talents who will have the opportunity to play at the highest level in the competitive scene. We will give them all the best support just like our main roster, creating a second tier team that truly has a vision and mission for #BreakTheCode,” the management wrote via Instagram.

This academy, of course, is under the auspices of coach BON CHAN. Contains young players that have never been found by any team.

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So, ahead of the upcoming MDL PH S1, who will be the main pillars of the Blacklist International academy? Let’s get to know them deeper.

Get to know the Blacklist International Academy roster: Young, different and dangerous!

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Even though it hasn’t been officially introduced yet, the Blacklist International Academy roster has been on the radar for nearly a month.

This Blacklist second tier team features some talented young Filipino players like Kyle”Dominic“Soto, Lee Howard”Owls“Gonzales, Russell Aaron”Eyon“Usi, Steve Nash”stevee“Cunluran and Ian Jacob”RindoSeguiran.

Of the names above, perhaps the public has only heard of Rindo, who was on the Blacklist team with the trio OHEB, Hadji and Edward for the 2023 Cambodia SIBOL SEA Games. Unfortunately, they failed to win a spot in the SIBOL national team.

The existence of the Blacklist International Academy roster was detected when they took part in the SMART Ultimate Arena MLBB tournament, a tier-2 competition. The players are known to have brilliant chemistry, armed with their friendship with Eyon.

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This Blacklist Academy roster has often participated in community tournaments in the Philippines before being recruited into the organization. The plan for the formation of this academy team was the decision of the management of the Blacklist International team when the implementation of the MDL PH was announced,

Apart from Blacklist, various MPL PH teams also ‘opened branches’ such as ECHO, BREN which even collaborated with Euphoria, Nexplay EVOS, ONIC PH, TNC Pro Team and also SMART Omega. All are ready to pit their young seed skills.

Thus, the following is the Blacklist International Academy roster:

1. Kyle“DominicSoto (EXP Lane)
2. Lee Howard “OwlsGonzalez (Gold Lane)
3. Russell Aaron”EyonUsi (Mid Lane)
4.Steve Nash“stevee“Punluran (Roamer)
5. Ian Jacob “RindoSeguiran (Jungle)
6. Kristoffer”BON CHAN” Ricaplaza (Coach)

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