AXIS Provides Pro Player Support in the M4 World Championship

RRQ Hoshi managed to win a ticket for the world MLBB tournament event, M4 World Championshipswhich this time was held at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Having succeeded in being the only team that always appears in the M-Series, now RRQ Hoshi is also receiving support from AXIS, brands telecommunications for young people.

AXIS is consistently present in the world esports in national and international tournaments. Through this support, AXIS wants to encourage the enthusiasm of the pro player to bring the M-Series trophy to Indonesia.

Become one of the organizations esports leading in Indonesia, RRQ always strives to continue to record achievements in esports scene local and international. RRQ Hoshi from the MLBB division is one of the divisions that has made the most achievements.

In the past year, RRQ Hoshi has become one of the consistent teams in MPL ID by winning in Season 9.

It didn’t stop there, several RRQ Hoshi players were also selected to strengthen the Indonesian MLBB team at the 2022 SEA Games. At that time, three RRQ Hoshi players namely, RRQ R7, RRQ Vyn, and RRQ Alberttt also won silver medals for Indonesia.

Lastly, RRQ Hoshi was a success runner-up MPL ID Season 10. This season is one of the toughest seasons in the history of MPL Indonesia. Why not, apart from the fact that almost all teams are showing progress gameplay which is significant, in this 10th season. RRQ also tried to play gameplay different.

Once in the middle of the standings, RRQ finally managed to find one gameplay best and qualify for the Play-off round of MPL ID Season 10. It didn’t stop there, RRQ made it to the Grand Final round and finish in second place.

Become runner-up Making RRQ Clayyy and friends play in the M4 World Championship is one of their achievements, because since it was first held, RRQ Hoshi has always appeared in the biggest MLBB tournament in the world.

Being a team that will fight in the M4 World Champion carrying the name of Indonesia, RRQ is also strengthened by new ammunition in terms of sponsorships. In the fourth edition of the M-Series event, RRQ is sponsored by AXIS, brands telecommunications for Indonesian youth.

AXIS consistency in the world esports also not only through support on the team pro playerbut also through the products gaming created to participate in growing the industry esports Indonesia. Bonus Quota Games Forever Play and Game Tokens can be enjoyed by mobile gamers through the AXISNET application.

The M-4 World Championship Tournament will start on January 2, 2023. Don’t forget to continue to support RRQ so that they can achieve achievements in the M4 World Championship!