The AURA Fire vs RRQ match is still a big question mark.

The conclusion of the match between AURA Fire vs RRQ on Saturday (18/3) made various parties talk about the post-match results announced by Moonton. Both teams are scheduled to return for week 6 on March 26.

Starting from a technical problem with the RRQ Team’s audio device, the match was postponed when Game 2 started. The entire support staff in the field tried to try to fix the error.

The technical problems have not been completed, the two teams are still waiting for a further decision whether the match will be postponed or what. Then it was decided that the matches between the two teams would continue next week and the schedule had been rearranged.

The management of AURA Fire then immediately made a separate clarification message regarding the problem of delaying and rescheduling the second match via Instagram.

What kind of clarification message was conveyed by the management of AURA Fire regarding the results from Moonton and the actions taken by RRQ?

AURA Fire clarifies delay, RRQ ‘walk-out’ unilaterally?

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Shortly after the match was decided to be postponed and rescheduled, the management of AURA Fire immediately gave an official statement/clarification regarding the result.

According to the management of AURA Fire, the RRQ Team allegedly did not want to continue the match because it was too late and the technical problems had not been resolved.

“There was a problem with the communication device in the RRQ team and it has nothing to do with the AURA Fire team, unlike the rumors circulating. After the problem with the communication device was fixed, the RRQ Team decided not to continue the match because in the RRQ Team’s view it was ‘too late’ to continue the match,”

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“So the organizers decided to reschedule match 2 in the AURA Fire vs RRQ match,” wrote AURA management.

The rumor that was mentioned there was related to the ‘voice leak’ of RRQ players heard on the audio device belonging to the AURA team. The fact is not the case, but there is a certain ‘leak’ and it affects the RRQ Team itself.

This fact was announced by the captain of RRQ, Calvyn “vyn” via Twitter regarding one of his colleagues, Deden alias “CLAYYand has nothing to do with the AURA team.

RRQ Team CEO, Andrian”APPauline also commented on the results of clarification from AURA by stating that her team had been given a rescheduling decision so they would not continue with the match and chose to leave the MPL Arena.

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“Seriously because of RRQ? Then the committee makes rescheduling rules? Until we (decided to) go home the sound problem was still not over. Be careful making accusations like this, if you want to sway opinions there will be consequences if they don’t match the facts,” wrote Pak AP.

Until now, there has been no follow-up from Moonton regarding the clarification submitted by AURA or maybe there will be further news from the RRQ Team.

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