The best way to play Zilong is revealed right away in the competitive scene.

How to play Zilong? Is this hero still used in MLBB? Wasn’t he too weak and ineffective at high tiers? Wait a minute.

Zilong is indeed a classic hero whose attributes don’t really fit into the current META in MLBB. It is very fragile, can get in but can’t get out, and is very easy to counter.

Mobile Legends, Gloo MLBB, Skin Verdan Enchanter

Even so, it doesn’t mean Zilong isn’t that useful. As a hero who relies heavily on items and damage, the way to play Zilong is to take advantage of the jungler and goldlane roles.

Zilong in modern META won’t be able to play as an EXP lane because the options in this role are thick characters with big CC. Can you imagine Zilong meeting Gloo or Lapu-Lapu. His feet will be grabbed and killed easily.

The best role for Zilong

Zilong is good at being a jungler because the mindset given is not much different from a jungler assassin. He has mobility and fast farming abilities.

In addition, as a hero with a pick-off style, it is obligatory to kill an opponent who is gank-in with the skill combo they have.

The gameplay for how to play Zilong jungler is exactly the same when we use assassin pick-off bursts like Hayabusa, Ling, or Aamon. The difference is that he really has to ensure safe conditions so he won’t be counter set-up by the enemy.

The reason is when Zilong does ganking and the enemy doesn’t die, again he doesn’t have the capability to run away like Aamon, Haya, or other assassins.

Mobile Legends, Storm Rider Zilong
Credit: Moonton

Zilong goldlaner is another really good option. How to play Zilong Goldlaner also has to really play bush and can’t be immediately aggressive by one.

When level 4, Zilong can immediately burst against the opponent’s marksman because normally the capacity of a fighter in the early stages will be much stronger than mm.

This actually happened and was a surprise moment OPI Pegasus faced Kylo Esports at MDL ID S7 some time ago.

How to play Zilong in the style of OPI Mas4ko

In that match, Zilong was surprised at OPI’s last pick after the enemy first chose Beatrix as a marksman. Something unexpected because compositionally, OPI requires additional damage because most of the heroes are utility types.

But, it turns out that Zilong goldlaner really managed to play. Beatrix was made to move and this happened not just because of her Zilong. But it’s the presence of Kadita roamer that makes Zilong get damage support in the early.

The presence of Yve, Martis, and Lapu-lapu also makes the OPI Pegasus composition very good for playing fast. Massacre literally set in this fight seeing the score 20-5 and the game ending in the 13th minute.

Zilong is really a problem for all Kylo’s heroes, especially Beatrix, Valentina, and Yu Zhong who also can’t stand Zilong’s instant damage in the early game. Even Akai and Kaja from Kylo can’t do much because they don’t have mobility as fast as the OPI heroes.

Zilong gold lane emblems, spells, and build items

Mas4ko revealed many interesting things and how to play Zilong. First is the emblem. He uses the Electro Flash marksman emblem to get an early attack speed. With this combined with Zilong’s skill, the damage is very terrible.

Mobile Legends Items, Jess No Limit
Credit: YouTube/JessNoLimit

Mas4ko is really focused on Attack speed, apart from the emblem, he also uses the inspire spell. That is, his main goal is as much as possible to kill the targeted opponent with combo attack speed as much as possible.

Lastly, what about the Zilong item build?

  • Tough boots: Not only counteract magic damage, but also reduce the CC effect given to opponents.
  • Scarlet Phantom: Item attack speed and critical. Attack speed can increase every time the critical comes out.
  • Berserker Fury: Critical main item. Best combo with Scarlet Phantom.
  • Windtalker: For the sake of maximizing again the attack speed used by Zilong.
  • Malefic Roar: Increased physical penetration and also items to leak thick opponents.
  • Blade of Despair: Even though it’s not finished yet, it’s clear that Mas4ko wants to close his build with BOD for even higher damage.

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