Christine Hakim’s acting in The Last of Us managed to provide extraordinary horror.

The Last of Us (TLoU) is a film series adapted from the game of the same name. Tells the story of Joel and Ellie’s struggle in the world after the explosion of the Cordyceps fungal infection that can turn humans into zombies.

This game has received many awards. In 2020 TLoU won seven awards out of 11 nominations for The Game Awards 2020, it is a record for the most awards won by a single game at the event.

The series that has aired for two episodes is no less successful than the game. A week after its broadcast, the first episode of TLoU was watched by more than 18 million people.

Applause flooded Indonesian actors in The Last of Us Episode 2

Credit: HBO

Veteran Indonesian actress, Christine Hakim appears in the opening scene of The Last of Us Episode 2. It tells about the origin of the disastrous mushroom which apparently first appeared in Indonesia.

Although short, the scene managed to provide extraordinary horror. The audience will feel a sense of hopelessness for humanity when faced with the problem of zombie-making fungi.

Thanks to its success, Christine Hakim, who was a duet with another veteran actor, Yayu Unru, was flooded with praise from various parts of the world.

Even a TLoU video clip uploaded on Twitter has been watched more than one million times.

One of the content creators who often discusses the world of cinema also admitted that this scene was the scariest moment in the series so far.

The Last of Us series airs every Monday in Indonesia. You can watch it on HBO and HBO Max.

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