You don’t have to worry anymore against Moskov.

Currently, Moskov is one of the strongest marksman heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. of the five most popular heroes, official statistics show the hero nicknamed Spear of Quiescence has the best winning percentage.

Fortunately, this marksman hero has many weaknesses that can be exploited by the right hero. Here are three of the best Moskov counter heroes to smooth out your ranked game.

3 Counter Heroes Moskov


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Eudora
Credit: Moonton

If you want to win the match against Moskov, you have to choose a hero who can dominate the early game, and Eudora is perfect for that task. What makes this mage hero perfect against Spear of Quiescence is his skill that can take down all soft heroes with just one fast attack combination.

Once he reaches level four, he can kill almost any hero with his Ball Lightning, Forked Thunder, and Thunder’s Wrath combo. In addition, the stun can also be an initiation for teammates and prevent Moskov from escaping with Abyss Walker.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Lesley
Credit: Moonton

Lesley is considered the only Moskov counter hero in the gold lane. She has one of the longest attack ranges in the Land of Dawn, allowing her to stay safely out of Moskov’s range, which has a very short attack range.

His Master of Camouflage skill also makes him invulnerable for a short time, which is great against Moskov who relies on his basic attacks.

Lastly, Lesley can easily escape from Moskov with a Tactical Grenade. If you want to make your opponent regret choosing Moskov, then use Lesley.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Chou
Credit: Moonton

Chou is one of the most versatile heroes, Chou is also a solid choice against any short-range marksman heroes in the Land of Dawn. He was able to catch up with Jeet Kune Do and avoid the knockback effect of the Spear of Misery skill.

There is no need to doubt Chou’s greatness as a counter hero for Moskov. Whoever becomes the target will find it difficult to escape the pursuit of a reliable Chou user.

The only downside to using Chou is that he’s difficult to master if you’re just starting out. But once mastered, he will become a death trap for Moskov if you use his skills to the fullest.

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