Arlott’s counter hero will make Lone Spear helpless in the Land of Dawn.

Getting overwhelmed by the newest fighter in MLBB? Want to know who is the best Arlott counter hero?

Who says Fighter heroes can’t be agile? Arlott may not be an Assassin, but he has extraordinary agility.

This fighter hero acts like an assassin hero and is able to dash many times on the battlefield. Even worse, he has several crowd control skills that can stun all enemy heroes. It’s not an easy task to face the Lone Spear on the battlefield, but no hero is perfect.

Here are three Arlott counter heroes who can save your ranked game.

Arlott’s best counter hero


Arlott's best counter hero
Credit: Moonton

Arlott can dash multiple times with his second skill, Vengeance, which makes him similar to an assassin hero. However, if they were to fight Phoveus on the =EXP Lane, he would be at a loss.

Phoveus is the natural counter of all agile heroes. This hero can use his ultimate, Demonic Force, repeatedly to mark enemies and jump while dealing damage. Apart from that, the ultimate cooldown is also reduced when the enemy hero uses dash or blink skills nearby.

As a result, Arlott will be forced to play it safe and avoid using his dash skill near you, it will give you an advantage in the laning phase.

In order to win a landslide victory in this battle, it is very important to complete the Clock of Destiny to increase survival and damage abilities. If Arlott can handle you in the laning stage, consider making Warrior Boots first.


Latest build of Thamuz
Credit: Moonton

Do you guys know what’s better than two spears? Of course two scythes!

Arlott’s weakness lies in another phase when he doesn’t have all of his core skills and items, which is very different from the fighter hero Thamuz. Lord Lava is arguably one of the strongest EXP Laners within the first five minutes and can destroy anyone who dares stand in his way, even without any items.

Try to freeze the first wave of minions and attack Arlott every time he tries to farm or attack. Thamuz always wins in situations like this, unless the enemy jungler or midlaner keeps rotating the EXP lane.

If you are far ahead in the early stages of the game, choose an on-hit effect item such as the Corrosion Scythe. Otherwise, use the Sunfire Cape to boost defense stats.

Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong
Credit: Moonton

Yu Zhong is a hero who excels in the laning phase and 1v1 situations, that makes him a formidable opponent for Arlott. Its ability to absorb damage and recover lost HP in long battles can be a tough challenge for Lone Spear.

Moreover, Yu Zhong was hard to silence because of his Furious Drive and Black Dragon Form skills. Once he completes Hunter’s Strike and War Ax, two items that give him increased Movement Speed, Arlott will find it increasingly difficult to keep up.

If you are looking for a reliable counter hero Arlott who can dominate Lone Spear in 1v1 situations throughout the game, Yu Zhong is the right choice.

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